About Love Tomorrow

Set in present day London, LOVE TOMORROW is the story of an ex-ballet dancer (CINDY JOURDAIN), whose life is turned upside down after receiving devastating news concerning her fiancé Dominic (MAX BROWN). Wandering the underground in a torment of pain and anger, a chance encounter with a charismatic Cuban dancer Oriel (ARIONEL VARGAS), offers a temporary distraction. Oriel ignores her engagement ring and suggests she spends some time with him. Desperately needing time to decide what to do and unwilling to go home, she agrees.

What follows is an intense encounter between two strangers, both consciously and unconsciously helping each other as they face the most serious dilemmas of their lives.

Written and directed by CHRISTOPHER PAYNE, produced by STEPHANIE MOON and co-produced by Emmy Award winning film-makers and choreographers, BALLETBOYZ (Billy Trevitt and Michael Nunn), LOVE TOMORROW is a vibrant tale of the redemptive power of friendship, love and dance.